Welcome to the Belmont Abbey website.
On behalf of the monks of the Abbey of St Michael and All Angels, Belmont, Hereford, England, I invite you to use and enjoy our website and so get to know more about our life and work as a Benedictine Community, members of the English Benedictine Congregation and part of the Roman Catholic Church.

Belmont is a place of great beauty with a fascinating history, a magnificent church and attractive gardens. Today it is a thriving, hardworking Community following the Rule of St Benedict and committed to sharing its rich spiritual and liturgical life with others, both at Belmont, in our foundation in Peru and in the many parishes and chaplaincies for which we are responsible.

You can discover all this through the website or you can visit us and see for yourselves. I hope that your contact with us will be a real blessing and pray that God, in his infinite goodness and loving mercy, will bless you and your loved ones.

Abbot Paul Stonham

Abbot's Easter Homilies

Easter Sunday

"Now we are those witnesses - we have eaten and drunk with him after his resurrection from the dead."

At the house of Cornelius, Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, addressed those gathered there for this new Pentecost. What he had to tell them was something startling. It was about Jesus of Nazareth, whom most people presumed to be dead and buried. But Peter was saying something that took your breath away: Jesus, who had been put to death by crucifixion, had been raised to life by God three days later. Not only that, Peter was even suggesting that Jesus was God, for "all who believe in Jesus will have their sins forgiven through his name." The Pharisees had been right, only God can forgive sin, yet Jesus often told people "your sins are forgiven." Now here was Peter claiming that sins would be forgiven in Jesus' name, if people believed in his resurrection. Jesus, then, is the Son of God, equal to the Father. "God had anointed him with the Holy Spirit and with power and because God was with him, Jesus went about doing good," healing and forgiving all those who have faith.
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Holy Saturday 2015

"So they went out and fled from the tomb, for terror and amazement had seized them; and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid." Who knows why the compilers of the Lectionary omitted that final verse of St Mark Chapter 16 from tonight's Gospel reading, ending as it does with those extraordinary and unexpected words, "for they were afraid." How strange that the three women, who had been so brave until now and had even entered the tomb on seeing that the stone, which was very big, had been rolled away, should be filled with amazement and fear at hearing the message of the Easter angel, "There is no need for alarm. You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified. He is risen, he is not here. See, here is the place where they laid him."
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Good Friday 2015

 "Pilate answered, "What I have written, I have written." This was Pilate's last stand. He had written the notice himself and fixed it to the cross; it ran: "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews." For St Paul the Cross and Christ crucified were the answer to all his questions. He needed to know nothing else and so could glory in the Cross of his Lord and Saviour, accepting all manner of suffering and hardship, a living martyrdom, in the joy and confidence of being reconciled to God in Christ Jesus.
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Maundy Thursday 2015 

"At the moment you do not know what I am doing, but later you will understand." We have just heard Jesus say these words to Simon Peter, who had questioned what Jesus was about to do. "Lord, are you going to wash my feet?" The Bible is full of people who ask God why and how. Think of Mary at the Annunciation, "How can this be?" and of Moses before the burning bush, "What shall I say?"
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Father Abbot's Homily for Palm Sunday

We tend to conflate the Gospels. What I say now refers only to Mark's account of the Passion. Each one of the evangelists has his own insights. Before and after the crucifixion it is neither disciples nor family who help Jesus but complete strangers, newcomers to the Gospel story and when Jesus dies on the cross, it is a Gentile who recognises the truth the chief priest was unwilling to accept, "Truly this man was a Son of God." It's Simon of Cyrene, who is called upon to help Jesus carry the cross to Golgotha, and it's Joseph of Arimathaea, who takes the body of Jesus to give it a decent burial.
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Community News

Priestly Ordination of Dom Jonathan Rollinson

On Thursday, 12th March, Dom Jonathan Rollinson was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood at Belmont by Bishop Michael Campbell, O.S.A., of Lancaster. The Mass, which was both prayerful and moving, was attended by a large congregation coming from the many areas of Belmont life: the monastic community, oblates, parishes and chaplaincies, as well as by members of Fr Jonathan's family and many friends. A second bishop was present in the person of Dom Mark Jabalé, as well as many priests from a number of dioceses in England and Wales. The monastic schola led the singing, both in Latin and in English, and the organist was Br Gavin Hibbs. After the Ordination, Fr Jonathan gave his First Blessing and a most enjoyable Reception was held at Hedley Lodge.

News From Peru

First Profession of Br José Luis Sánchez Espinoza

Br José Luis Sánchez Espinoza made his First Profession as a monk of the Monastery of the Incarnation during the Conventual Mass celebrated by Fr Abbot on the Solemnity of St Benedict, 21st March 2015. Br José Luis is 31 years' old and comes from the northern Andean province of Cajamarca. He recently spent 5 months of his noviciate at Belmont, so is well known to the Belmont Community, its oblates and neighbours.

Br José Luis is photographed together with the monastic community.

First two Peruvian Oblate Novices

On the Patronal Feast of the Monastery of the Incarnation, 25th March 2015, our first two Peruvian candidates became Oblate novices during the Conventual Mass celebrated by Fr Abbot. Sra Marlene Ching and Sr José Merino will make their noviciate under the new Oblate Master, Fr Alex Echeandía. There are several other lay people who have expressed an interest in becoming oblates, thus associating themselves more closely to the monastery and its spiritual life.


The May Procession
On Wednesday 13th May we will be holding our annual torchlight procession in honour of Our Lady. This year the speaker will be Father Duncan Fergusan. The procession begins at 9.00pm. Refreshments will be available both before and after the procession. All are most welcome and there is no need to book.

Belmont Abbey Open Days
Throughout the year the Monastic Community at Belmont hosts a series of open days where visitors can visit our beautiful Abbey Church, have a free guided tour and learn about our rich history and what it is like to live and work in this place. The next open day will be on Monday 4th May starting at 10.00 a.m.
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Retreat Programme for 2015
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Residential Retreat Programme 2015
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