Forthcoming Events

For further details of retreats see the retreats section of the website or contact the Retreat Secretary, Br David for a brochure: Email: Tel: 01432 374750


14th - Annual Longworth Chapel Mass celebrated by Archbishop George


20th-22nd - Daughters of Eve Retreat - Abbot Paul & Dom Brendan


6th-11th - Beginners Icons Workshop - Dom Alex

13th-16th - Mary through Artists' Eyes - Dom Brendan

16th-19th - Icons: Gesso, Drawing & Gold - Dom Alex

18th - Day with Our Lady Day Retreat Booking Essential 10.00am - 4.00pm

20th-25th - Intermediate Icons 1 - Dom Alex


27th-1st - Intermediate Icons 2 - Dom Alex


7th-9th - Looking for God in Shakespeare - Rev Dr Paul Edmondson (& Dom Brendan)

14th-16th - The Witness of the Beloved Disciple - Dom Brendan

22nd - Apostle of Magdala Day Retreat - Dom David


19th-21st - The Human Side of the Saints - Dom Alistair


2nd-4th - Chagall's Bible - Dom Brendan

10th - Eternal Rest, Grant Unto Them Day Retreat - Dom Alistair

16th-18th - I call you Friends Retreat - Abbot Paul


3rd-6th - Waiting in Joyful Hope Advent Retreat - Dom Alistair & Dom Brendan

8th - The One who is to Come Advent Day of Recollection - Dom Jonathan