Palm Sunday 2014

Today we pass from light to darkness, as Christ enters Jerusalem amid cries of joyful acclamation, for soon the Hosannas will turn into shouts of Crucify, crucify. And yet we know that Christ's suffering, his Passion and Death on the Cross, will ultimately lead to the glory of the Empty Tomb, from darkness to light in the dawn of Easter.

But why was his Blood shed for us, God's most glorious and precious Blood, and why was his Body broken for us on the altar of the Cross? Why should the Blood of his only Son be pleasing to the Father, who once refused to accept the sacrifice of Isaac, when Abraham his father offered him as a burnt offering, and instead was pleased to accept the sacrifice of a ram? Surely it is evident that the Father accepts the sacrifice of Christ, the Lamb of God, not because he demands it, still less because he feels some need of it, but in order to carry out his own purposes for the salvation of the world. Humanity had to be brought back to life by the humanity of God. We had to be summoned to life by his Son. Let us not squander what God, in his merciful love, has given us in Christ.

Nothing can equal the miracle of our salvation. A few drops of Blood have set free the entire universe.