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"Belmont Abbey: Celebrating 150 years" Edited by Dom Andrew Berry, a member of the Belmont Community and assistant novice master, it contains contributions on the history and life of Belmont including chapters on the School, our foundation in Peru and the architecture of the church and monastery. Illustrated throughout; "Belmont Abbey: Celebrating 150 years" has proved very popular among those who know the community well and those who are interested in monastic life as it continues to be lived out in the 21st Century. In the words of Abbot Paul Stonham: "This story is one of fidelity to the Rule and to the Gospel, to the Benedictine tradition and to the Church. At the same time it is the story of men with hearts open to the call of Christ, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the needs of the world around and beyond them".

At a cost of £19.50 plus P&P, this book provides a fascinating insight into the history, life and work of one of the great Benedictine communities in this country.

"Belmont Abbey: Celebrating 150 years" can be purchased from the Abbey bookshop or by mail order. Please ring 01432 374752 between 2.00pm and 5.00pm Monday to Saturday and after Mass on Sunday for further information. 

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Book Review in the Hereford Times
Book Review by Dr John Broadley Honary Research Fellow, University of Manchester

Belmont Abbey English Gradual

We have recently published in book form "An English Gradual", a compendium of English chants for use at Mass. It can be purchased at our bookshop or ordered directly from Fr Abbot at a cost of £7.50, plus postage where necessary.

For forty years the monks of Belmont have been singing English texts at the Conventual Mass to the music of Dom Alan Rees, alternating with traditional Latin chants. Most of these simple settings of biblical texts were never set out in book form by Dom Alan. Some existed on bits of paper or even in the memory of those who had sung them. However, since his untimely death in 2006, the brethren have felt the need to collate his compositions into an English Gradual as an aid to singing the Mass. Many other communities also use these chants, finding them helpful, prayerful and easy to sing. Though very short, often just a sentence of Scripture, they are beautifully crafted and easy to remember.

Most of the musical settings are those of Dom Alan Rees, though a few are by Dom Laurence Bevenot and Dom Charles Watson at his request. One or two Dom Alan borrowed from Stanbrook Abbey and from Gelineau. Each Introit, Offertory and Communion chant is accompanied by a selection of verses from a given psalm, taken from the singing version of the Grail Psalter as used at Belmont. The chants should be sung like Gregorian Chant following the rhythm of the language. They can be accompanied or not as best suits the occasion.  Although the chants are given in specific sections, they can, in fact, be used as needed. To this English Gradual we have added a selection of Dom Alan's simple Mass ordinaries. In the case of the Gloria, Sanctus and Eucharistic Acclamations these have been adapted to the new translation of the Roman Missal that came into effect in 2011.

New Belmont CD

The Feast of All Saints sees the release of Belmont's new CD, Music for the English Gradual. It's a double CD with accompanying booklet, that contains a good selection of the music that Dom Alan Rees wrote to assist the singing of Mass in English. All friends of Belmont and all those who love to sing the Mass will be enthralled by this new CD. At a cost of £12 plus P&P.

The new Belmont Abbey CD along with the English Gradual which accompanies it can be purchased from the Abbey bookshop. For mail order enquires please ring Hedley Lodge on 01432 374747.

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Review of the CD by Sister Raphael of Stanbrook Abbey