St Thomas of Hereford, Weobly St Bede, Kington


St Thomas of Hereford, Kington Road, Weobley, Hereford HR4 8QS and St Bede, Bridge Street, Kington, Hereford.


01544 318325

Saturday 6.00pm Kington; Sunday 11.00am Weobley
Holy Days:

7.00pm Weobley; 12.00 noon Kington
Parish Priest

Rev Dom Simon McGurk

Parish History: During penal times the Weobley area was described as a "nest of Papists". From the sixteenth century until 1835 a Catholic Chapel was maintained at nearby Sarnesfield Court, by the Monnington family, whose zeal caused Thomas Monnington to be imprisoned in Hereford at the time of the Oates Plot. Following Catholic Emancipation the faithful were able to build the present Church of Saint Thomas of Hereford - dedicated to the saintly bishop Thomas Cantilupe (d.1282), though Mass was still said at Sarnesfield until the 1860s and until recent years at Broxwood where the Snead-Coxes built a Chapel designed by Charles Hanson. There is now a Chapel-of-Ease at Saint Bede's Kington.

Saint Thomas's Weobley is a simple gothic building which, though recently renovated, still maintains an intimate almost penal day character. The Parish has been served byenglish Benedictines since 1841. In about 1852 a School (the present Sacristy) was built onto the Church and Presbytery, which othenvise retain most of their original appearance.

The Parish covers some forty villages of rural Herefordshire, with around 250 Catholics.