Llanarth Court

The latter half of the 1960s was not an easy one for Belmont. Expansion was taking its toll onboth men and money and the wave of unsettlement within the Church after Vatican II did not pass unnoticed at Belmont.
Nevertheless, after much controversy the Community voted in 1966 to accept the offer from the Dominicans of their preparatory school at Llanarth Court, near Raglan. Despite the obvious shortage of men available, it was felt that its proximity and size might eventually prove the school to be more worthwhile than Alderwasley.
In September 1967 the school recommenced at Llanarth with Dom Dominic Blaney as its new Headmaster. Llanarth Court initally 'boomed', with the ex-Alderwasley 'bulge' but in not too many years it was hit simultaneously by both the levelling of that bulge and the national drop in primary school numbers. Sadly Llanarth closed in 1986. A junior house returned to Belmont as Benet House - in the old Vaughan. Its lay Housemaster, Mr David Gainer, was an Old Boy and former Master at Llanarth, and was followed later by Mr and Mrs Anderson.