St Elthelbert, Leominster.
Address: 86 Bargates, Leominster, Herefordshire. HR6 8QS

Telephone 01568 612238

Sunday Mass - 9:00am and 6:30pm

Weekday Masses:  Monday/ Thursday/ Alternate Saturdays at 9:00am 

Eucaristic Services: Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Friday at 9:00am

Holy Days of Obligation, Mass: usually 7:00pm (see parish notices for details).

Confession on Saturdays if a Mass is to be offered

Baptisms by arrangement

Parish Priest: Rev Dom Aidan Doyle

Christianity arrived in the Leominster area over thirteen hundred years ago. St David is reported by his biographer, the Welsh writer Rhygyfarch, as having established a Church here.

However, for many years after the Reformation the Catholic population in the area was very small. By 1767 there remained only six Catholics between the ages of 30 and 60 years of age living in Leominster and their pastoral needs were covered by the Jesuits of Hereford.

By contrast, the Wesleyan Methodists enjoyed increasing membership and moved out of their Chapel to larger premises. The old Wesleyan Chapel was purchased and presented to the Catholics. This was Leominster's first post reformation Catholic Church and was dedicated to St Ethelbert.

In 1888 Fr Athanasius Rogers, with financial help from a local benefactor, was able to open the present "St Ethelbert's" Church. Built in Gothic style, it was designed by P P Pugin, the son of the Augustus W Pugin, a well-known and ardent advocate of Gothic revivalism.

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