There are probably as many reasons for becoming a monk as there are monks. God grace is not limited by quantity or variety. However, the following basic requirements can help you determine whether you are called to the monastic life at Belmont:

Candidates should be unmarried, free of family obligations, debts, etc.Candidates should be in good physical and mental health. The monastery must be assured that they can respond to the demands of close community living.


Monks take a vow of obedience, so candidates must be able to live with good will toward authority. Monks are vowed to chastity, so candidates must be able to live accordingly.
Candidates must show a desire to serve the Church in a life of prayer and service.

Words on a page can hardly convey a sense of what our life is on the one hand, and on the other, the process by which one decides to join a monastery. Information, prayer and reflection are needed. Men considering a vocation are most welcome to visit Belmont and have some experience of our life. Please apply in writing to:

Fr Brendan Thomas OSB,
Novice Master
Belmont Abbey