When someone becomes a monk he does not join an Order but rather a particular community, so it is important to join the community in which they feel most at home. It is not necessary to be any particular intellectual or practical gifts, but what is necessary is to have the desire to lead the Christian life to the full and to do it in the context of a community.

Someone interested in exploring a vocation usually begin by making brief visits to the monastery. Then, if having discussed things through with the Novice Master and Abbot he thinks he has a vocation to the life he would apply to join the community. A programme of formation would then begin. First the candidate would live as a Postulant, living alongside the community, generally for a number of months. After this, a year is spent as a Novice. The Novice receives the habit and lives in the Novitiate studying the Rule of Saint Benedict and other things, working at various tasks, and sharing fully in the life and prayer of the community.

At the end of the Novitiate the Novice makes profession of temporary vows. The novice becomes a Junior, continuing to study and live the monastic life for at least three years, but participating more fully in the life and work of the community. Then with the help of the Community, the Junior decides if he is ready to make a lifetime commitment with them in solemn vows.

Many of the monks at Belmont are priests because of the extensive pastoral work that the community undertakes, but not all monks have a vocation to the priesthood, and those who are not priests are full members of a monastic community without being ordained.